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Rev. Dr. Ronnie L. Clark is an inspirational, transformative, and compassionate leader with over 41 years of experience in ministry and 34 years of experience as a pastor. He is the father of two children and is the loving husband of Angela Clark.

Rev. Dr. Ronnie L. Clark’s ministerial philosophy is built upon three biblical concepts: Reconciliation, Restoration, and liberation. In his own words, this approach “requires you to serve the wholeness of humanity, not just its spirituality.” A native of Quincy, FL, Rev. Dr. Ronnie L. Clark is a graduate of James A. Shanks High School.

Rev. Ronnie Clark Sr. is serving his community, representing the constituents. A consensus builder that works with members on both sides of the aisle, Rev. Clark is uniquely dedicated to his constituents and has demonstrated himself as a leader inside of the Community.